Which Came First

I was watching the end of an Andy Griffith Show and Andy was walkin with his son Opie down a trail and they both had fishin’ poles and Andy was whistling their theme song.  The thought came to me, “Is Andy smiling and looking happy because he is whistling or is he whistlin’ because he is happy?

There is a line in the song Just A Spoonful of Sugar that goes, A Robin feathering his nest has very little time to rest, while gathering his bits of twigs and twine. Though quite content in his pursuit has a happy tune to toot, he knows a song will move the job along.  Again I question, is the Robin happy because he is singing or is he singing because he is happy.  You can extend that to smiling too. Do people smile because they are happy or are they happy because they are smiling.

I submit that the answer is yes to all of those questions at both ends.  If it is true that we are happy because we whistle or smile or sing then why not start out every day with one of those three or all three if we are really into happiness?

One of the bonuses of doing one or all three is that generally it will produce a smile and happiness in others.

Try smiling, try whistling and try singing right out loud.  It might just help your digestion system too.

One thought on “Which Came First

  1. Art,
    After reading the August 2 newsletter on your definition of mentoring:

    Mentors are people who truly love what they are doing and they want to share that love and skill with someone whom they believe will excel.
    i remember when I had the privilege and honor to Co-speak at the Annual 3 day Wheeling Pittsburgh steel safety hoo ha, where we both attended as speakers in our areas of expertise, this was my first speaking engagement, and it was for a large corporation and I was understandably nervous working for weeks on our presentation, It went off very well, I thought.
    Then you spoke afterwards and I was in awe at how you had the audience eating out of your hand, speaking with ease and confidence, After listening to you, i thought maybe I didn’t’ do so well, after all Art your a hard act to follow.
    After the presentations you came over congratulating me on a a great job we did on our first speaking “Gig”
    Commenting on our impressive knowledge of the subject matter and how well we presented the information to the attendees meant a great deal to me, a real accomplishment in my career that I will always draw from,

    thanks Art

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