While Looking For Something Else

Well, she went and upgraded me to a beautiful Ford convertible.

Most of what I do these days and most of what I find comes when I am trying accomplish and when I am looking for something else. Take this picture for instance. When I was a kid I always said I’d own a brand new convertible one day. I’d left behind my fairly new car with my sister Flo when I went into the army and told her to use it as her own and just return it when I got back. Well, she went and upgraded me to a beautiful Ford convertible. On my return from Korea, everywhere my buddy Earl and I went that evening folks bought us drinks and I had not driven for over eighteen months and neither had my buddy. Well, first I baptized the car with an accident and we pulled the fenders off the tires and he drove and within a half an hour he had totaled it out.

Like I always said, I had a brand new convertible one day. It really shakes me up every time I read about a returning G. I. who made it through a war alive only to get killed on our highways. The Photo? A bit of magic from my wife, Jean. We found a kit model of a 1953 Ford, photographed the box and then she took a photo of me in uniform and darned if she didn’t zip me behind the wheel. I recently had my 51st Anniversary of continued sobriety so I guess I am entitled to tell these war stories. Please do not drink and drive. The life you might be saving is mine.

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  1. And now the cell phone and texting is causing just as many (if not more) problems when folks get behind the wheel.

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