Women in the Revolutionary War

… forerunners of the great women in our History…

Betsy Ross did what most women were expected to do…sew. True she was a professional seamstress and …..

Deborah Sampson was a revolutionary soldier for two years before her sex was discovered. She then returned to domestic duties and married. I wonder who snitched.

Molly Pitcher, that was her nickname because she was sort of a female Gunga Din that famous water carrier. When her husband was wounded at the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778, she manned his cannon for the remainder of the battle and they were victorious. Her husband was John Casper Hays. Ever hear of him? Of course not.

In September 1777 at Fort Henry, Betty Zane turned the tide of battle with her courage.

And while we’ve all heard of the famous ride of Paul Revere, little is written about the ride of Sibil Ludington, a 16 year old girl who rode 30 miles through Tory and spy infested wilderness to warn her father’s revolutionary militia that the British were burning Darien, Connecticut. Her warning allowed the Americans to mount a successful counter attack thus saving many lives.

These women were the forerunners of the great women in our History who not only fought for our freedom but that continue to sell the American dream to our children as mothers, teachers and as leaders in our land.

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