Working On A Close

... passion for your job....

… passion for your job….

What would you like to hear just before you hit the back door and head home from a powerful two day conference? I always figure that the closing speaker has the job of convincing attendees that they have just attended the best conference of their lives. I can recall back when I was doing a lot of national conventions one day arriving at a fancy hotel where several thousand people were gathered. The conference chairman ran up and grabbed me like I was a lifesaver and he said simply, “Oh Art. Everything up to now has gone wrong. The other speakers were awful. The sound systems have been failing. The food and service has been terrible. All of the attendees and exhibitors are ready to kill me. All you have to do in this final session, Art, is to convince them that this has been the best convention they have ever attended and that I am a hero. And I’d appreciate it if you would also sell them on coming back next year.” He claims that I did all of that and more. Anyway I had fun meeting that challenge.

In the safety field I feel that my job was always to somehow win a commitment from attendees who have the responsibility for the safety of employees that they should either develop a passion for safety or they should find a different profession where they can become passionate about their work. I often feel the same way about writing this newsletter. Are you sold on your job? Are you working creatively and with a true passion for preventing injuries and for the well being of your fellow workers.
I realize that many, many of our readers today have little or nothing to do with safety. Now my hope is that you can find a passion in your life and in your work. Life is so much more exciting and interesting and worthwhile when you live it with zest.

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