It’s A Wrap!

... this is my reward.

… this is my reward.

This is it.  The last issue of our Memo for 2014. If anyone ever told me back in 1948 when I got into Safety work that I would be writing a newsletter for all you wonderful folks some 67 years later I would have said you were out of your cotton pickin’ mind.Why would anyone have to work at anything that long?  I guess the answer is that when you truly love what you are doing then at some point it ceases being work and becomes fun.  There is joy in being of service to others if you are one of the fortunate ones who found that special niche, that magic spot where people would pay you for doing what you would gladly do for free then you might understand this unique behavior. I have refused pay for most of what I do these days but I am well rewarded for my efforts. When you write me and say that something I wrote made your job easier or somehow lightened the heavy load you were carrying then that is my pay.  When someone in the audience smiles or laughs or gives me a hug, that is my reward.  I want to thank you all for still sticking around and giving me the opportunity to send out this memo.  I wish you all the very best year of your lives so far, coming up.  God bless.

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