Wrestling Furniture

…and now I will do it with ease.

I don’t know if you ever tried to wrestle a big couch and a couple of Lazy Boy Chairs across the carpeted floor so the  cleaners could come in and clean but believe me, it is more than enough for a guy with a back like mine to really get into trouble.  Thanks to a new product called “Moving Men” as advertised on TV,  I just zipped the afore mentioned monsters to their out of the way destination with real ease.  As I was zipping that couch with just one hand I thought to myself, “Myself, what other modern miracles have we overlooked that might make our lives easier?”  Years ago I had a good friend named Caesar and he had the knack for understanding leverage.  Oh, he was a strong fellow but he knew how to use his strength and whenever I got into a bad fix involving moving immovable objects I would give Caesar a call. He was the kind of guy that might invent something like these seven inch plastic sliders that you slip under the legs of couches and such. Think, just think of all of the industrial back injuries that might have been avoided with the distribution of these inexpensive safety devices. Zip a dee do da…. The carpets are clean and I am looking forward to returning the furniture to its rightful place now that the carpet is dry.  I understand that NASA is talking once more about returning to the moon. All I want to do is move a few things back across the room and now I will do it with ease.

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