You Can’t Go Home. Or can you?

remembering2Jean and I visited Battle Creek, Michigan recently and as we do each visit, we drove past my old home. We were amazed. It looked brand new even though it was probably built perhaps 85 years ago. Evidently a total restoration had been done on it. All new windows, the brick has been cleaned, and we lucked out and got a total tour of the inside. WOW! What a shock. From basement to attic it is all different. The attic, where I did so much writing in late hours in heat or cold is a mess of tubing for the new central air conditioning throughout the house. The front end of the master bedroom has a big new bathroom with a tub that will accommodate two at a time. Hmmm.  With that old enormous coal burning furnace out of the way, the basement looks like a roller skating rink. Oh, the memories that house holds. Ruthie and I moved there in 1961, she died in 1993 and I moved out in 2001 to North Carolina with new wife Jean. The back yard has a lovely deck now and a garden that is bursting to bloom, plus a tall fence with a swinging gate that looks as if it is out of Home Beautiful. That house brings back so many good memories and many painful ones too. It was a nice visit but home is now in North Carolina and I am so happy to be back here.

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