A Family Thing

... knock at the door.

… knock at the door.

I was sitting on the bed watching TV in that hundred room motel and there was a soft knock on the door. I opened it and it was the cleaning lady and she smiled and said, “Maybe later?” I said, “O.K. now.” and welcomed her in and she entered, followed by her husband and their two teenage boys. They all took their assigned positions and smiled at me and I asked, “Family?” and they all laughed and nodded. They were from India and in all my life I had never seen such teamwork in action. They all knew their assignments and worked with such passion and precision that they almost immediately had that room in perfect order. When the vacuum was turned on they all stepped out of the way and continued working. It was as if a time study expert had coached them and in no time they were on their way. I stood outside the room as they were about to leave and gave each of them applause and the #1 sign and then when #2 son departed I patted him on the back and thanked them all and their faces radiated with joy.

I went back in the room and thought about them… New Americans working together as a family with such joy and I just knew that those boys would go on to college and work hard to make this a better nation for us all.Isn’t that how America is supposed to work?


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