A Whole New Look

...a whole new look...

...a whole new look...

Did you ever go to describe something to somebody and as you did so you got a whole new look at what you were describing?  That happened to me the other day when I had breakfast with a booking agent. We were discussing my new character “Almost Andy” and he asked me what I had been up to before this. I was describing what I had been doing for the past thirty plus years in the Safety field.  I said this, “Through the mixture of humor, enthusiasm, pathos, logic, a smattering of patriotism, plus just good common sense I had learned how to go into an organization and in the span of a one hour presentation to win a personal signed commitment to positive interaction from everyone in that organization and with the demonstration of my 101 hand signal I make it possible for everyone to interact in a positive manner by just bending their index finger.

“Does it do any good?” He asked. And I explained how it had turned whole organizations around including those in the automotive, petrol, power, construction and at some locations, even our armed forces. And further I told him that many organizations had done this simply using a video of this presentation. 

Then something else happened this week. I talked with a lady with a firm I had made a presentation for in 1991. They taped my presentation and each year they show that video to every employee and make a recommitment to safety and each year they distribute two of my booklets to each worker. With my permission, this year they translated the booklets into Spanish and they are distributing booklets to every employee.

You know how sometimes two or three things happen at once and they all seem to fit together?  Well, I was looking for a particular video among my CD’s and I came upon a Declaration of Interdependence video we had created for a client some time ago.  It was the same as that presentation I’d made for that client I just told you about.and it is a DVD.  I look like a young kid in it.  Well, I watched it and I thought it was pretty good. In fact, I believe that if someone  showed it to their  entire work force and then had them sign this Declaration of Interdependence for Safety document and then followed up with the booklets they just might realize a dramatic change in the attitude and performance of their entire organization towards safety. Every now and then I hear from someone who says that they too use my video every year and start out the new year with a recommitment to safety. It is kind of a good feeling to know that my work goes on and on and on.   .

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