All Hat–No Land

... if you claimed you had certain diplomats you had to prove it.

In Texas, when a man does a bit too much bragging and can’t back it up they say he’s “All hat, no land.”

Here is an e-mail I received in my spam mail.

Buy fake/novelty university diplomas and degrees online. We design our Degree or Diploma Certificates and Transcripts to look 99.99% identical to world famous originals including identical security grade transcript paper, identical water markings, raised-ink crests, embossed seals, correct card stock weight (60-100lb depending upon institution specifications). Most post-secondary institutions available. —> http://xxxxxxxxx

It reminded me of the day that a friend of mine who is now a well respected all time best selling author and advisor to many and also a multi-millionaire bought him a PhD and he invited me to get my PhD from a questionable California University.  All it would cost me was a couple of thousand dollars and not one lick of work. I wouldn’t have to attend a single class nor would I have to make a trip to California.  My friend was running around using Doctor in front of his name and selling these diplomas by the cartload.  I passed.  You’d be stunned if I told you his name.  I won’t. National Speakers Assn. finally stepped in and if you claimed you had certain diplomats you had to prove it.

I have read that most people’s resumes contain some sort of lies in them.  It is as if no one is really satisfied with their real qualifications or accomplishments.  We all want to be a little better than we are but often we are not willing to pay the high price of accomplishment.

2 thoughts on “All Hat–No Land

  1. Hi Dad,

    I want you to know that my resume does not have anything that isn’t true on it – but I know what you are talking about. I had a friend that would inflate the last salary she was making (rather than just coming out and asking for the raise as part of the deal).

    I sure enjoy reading your newsletter every week!

    Love, Amy

  2. I know each generation feels the morals & ethics are worse “today” than the last generation’s but never, in my opinion, has chicanery been so pervasive coupled with a growing acceptance of same. Thanks for reminding us that fraud is fraud.

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