Bein’ 86

Art and Cy

Art and Cy

Since my 86th birthday I have been examining my life, my body and my brain in an effort to determine what direction I might like to follow for a few years trial. I’ve worn enough paths to my past in these recent years and now I hope to find a way to look to the future. I wrote a tribute book on John H. Burdakin and our experiences on the Grand Trunk Western Railroad and for too long now I have been working on a stab at an autobiography. After over 700 pages and countless illustrations I have concluded that possibly I should condense it down to just one photo and a maximum of 500 words. Otherwise who might possibly read it?

I also wrote an illustrated booklet thanking those people who have truly touched my life.Then I also tracked down the life of one poem that I had written so many years ago and of the merry life it has lived.

Then I put together a humorous illustrated booklet demonstrating how my weird sense of humor performs in the middle of the night while I’m still half asleep.

Jean says I’ve had enough of the past and it is time for me to live in the present. A recent visit to Raleigh found me with Cy, my awesome 6 month old step-great grandson in my arms and I couldn’t help but thinking about the fact that Cy is the present and the future. He and his mom Michelle and his dad Derek. They represent the future and I’d say that it looks to me that the world will be in pretty good hands. I guess that my role now is to learn to enjoy their victories and console their setbacks and to smile the best I can.

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