On Carryin’ A Cane

caneI was walking to my car in the parking lot at the Sportsplex where I’d had a good workout and I noticed a woman up ahead of me was carrying a cane but she wasn’t really leaning on it at all.  I said to her,  “That cane is just for insurance, isn’t it?  And she said, “Yes. Since I had my knee replacements a while ago I seem to fall down at least once a year.” I nodded and she continued. “One time I fell down right at the entrance to Cup A Joe’s place. This farmer I didn’t know came out and picked me up and carried me over to a chair at a table and said to me, “I guess this means we won’t be goin’ dancin’ this afternoon.”

I learned a lot in that simple encounter. She wasn’t too proud to take a simple precaution and she’d learned to laugh on the way to gettin’ older.


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