Crossroad of a Million Private Lives

...some form of truth stretched...

“Grand Central Station, crossroad of a million private lives.” When I was a kid growing up in Michigan there was a radio show I sometimes listened to and it began with that above statement. Each week they performed a drama presentation about just one of those lives. I recall, years later when I had a booking in New York City a  now famous speaker named Mark Hanson took me into Grand Central Station and he said to me, “Say something, Art.” So I said, “Something.” and Mark said, “OK, now you can put in your brochure that you spoke in Grand Central Station.” Different strokes for different folks. The point is, there are a whole lot of different approaches to the truth.

So much of what we read and hear on TV and on the Internet is some form of truth stretched way beyond its natural boundaries.  Listening to the political debates recently was well on the way to being disgusting and then listening to the President bending facts in his bus tour of North Carolina made me wish that hidden in the bushes somewherehere in America is a leader who might emerge and lead this nation of ours on to that greatness that America deserves for its  future.  With a current population of 312,465,793 you’d think we could come up with at least one keeper.

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