Dodging Bullets

...a dozen different predictions all changing almost hourly.

…a dozen different predictions all changing almost hourly.

As our North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue recently put it so well, here in North Carolina we just dodged another bullet.  Hurricane Earl came and went and most of us here in North Carolina are none the worse for it. Interesting is the best way to describe the news coverage of this event.  The weather people take on a whole new level of importance for a day or so before the arrival or non-arrival of the storm and there are a dozen different predictions all changing almost hourly. After a while it is sort of a let down when the whole world  isn’t destroyed in one giant blast; or at least our state should be wiped right off the map.  I can just see a weatherman climbing out of his cellar shelter to find the whole state gone and he is jumping up and down yelling, “I was right! I was right!” But alas, there is no one to hear this or record it for posterity for he is the only survivor.

It is curious and funny to me to watch a brave weather person standing on a beach with a five mile wind blowing talking about the breaking wind when, I suspect only he is breaking wind in his wind breaker.

I don’t believe anyone was injured and storm damage is fairly low and, thank goodness, the beaches are calming and everyone should have enjoyed a wonderful Labor Day Weekend at the beach. That is, everyone but the weatherman.  I think he was last seen headed for the mountains.

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  1. For those of us old enough to have experienced a hurricane without the modern means to give us up-to-date information…… THANK GOODNESS FOR THE WEATHER PEOPLE WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY…. and the changing information that allows us to breathe in and out as the storms blow by!!!

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