Exciting Start

... I was thrilled.

… I was thrilled.

When I first started out as a professional speaker it was somewhat seasonal. Summer was a very poor season for professional speakers. There were several blank spots on a speakers calendar and one of those was from about December 15th to January 15th. With those long layoffs a speaker could get pretty antsy.  I recall one time when Du Pont called and booked me for an early January safety kickoff and I was thrilled. What a way to start the year with three full days at my full fee. I was in speaker’s heaven.  Well I feel that same thrill this year with a booking on January 11th speaking for East Carolina University at Greenville, North Carolina as the kickoff speaker for their 2014 Lifelong Learning Program.  The title of my talk is “Making Every Day A Learning Adventure.” They offer an outstanding learning program, still what thrills me most is the opportunity to not only present as my Almost Andy (Griffith) character for a bit but then to get back into my role as a motivational humorist and endeavor to have an impact on the lives of attendees. If my message is the right one and strong enough I might really touch people’s lives in a meaningful way. That is my job, my calling, my reason for being, to touch people’s lives. There is so much untapped greatness in people that they fail to recognize or employ that I’m thrilled with this opportunity to explore it with them.

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