I have been clear up to my ears in Mayberry for the past several days; appeared in three performances of our play called Remembering Mayberry and we have sold out every seat at all four shows and darned if they didn’t have a full house for our dress rehearsal. I play the role of an aging Sheriff Andy looking back. I am writing this ahead because I will be busy with the two final shows this weekend. It is a funny, funny show and I have never seen a group of people come together and work so hard to make this show a success. It sizzles.  One of the highlights of all of this for me is to stand outside the theatre after the show and visit with the members of the audience. Gosh they are a happy group of people. I only saw one man wearing a frown and I asked him, “Did we put a smile on your face?”  And he gave me a wonderful smile.The Andy Griffith Show is still being shown on TV all over America. You can watch three different shows every day in this area.  I’d recommend it over most of the full time news stations. I feel that being in this show is a true blessing for me.

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