When pouring from a ketchup bottle...​

When pouring from a ketchup bottle…​

I’ve been messing around with my memory these past few months and I am really encouraged. I”m talking about my long term memory.  I made an all out effort to zero in on what happened to me in my life some thirty to forty years ago.  I was working on the railroad as a claim agent for some twenty four years and had just been promoted to Employee Communications Officer reporting directly to the then Vice President and soon to be President.  My career as both an author and as a professional speaker was just beginning to show real signs of life at this same time.

I was zeroing in on the railroad aspects.  There is an old saying that Bennett Cerf first coined; “When pouring from a ketchup bottle none’ll  come and then a lot’ll.”

Remembering  was a slow process to begin with but once it started working the memories just started pouring out of my mind onto my manuscript.  Some of the memories were stubborn and slowly came out with details I had not thought about for so many years. I keep believing I am done with the project but then something else pops out, sometimes in the middle of the night or upon waking in the morning.  You might want to check it out yourself.  Zone in on any period in your past. Write down what you remember and then keep at it. Maybe they really were “those good old days.”

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