One Man Band (Digital)

I was walking down a hallway outside the Pier 49 Seafood and Spirits toward the entrance to the Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina and as I approached a doorway into a room with a private party  I heard the coolest live jazz music that I have heard in years. I stuck my head into the room and I didn’t see anything and so I figured it must be a DJ with tapes but as I started to leave a young lady approached me and I asked her if it was live music. She said it was and as I entered the room I saw a lone musician playing a fantastic alto saxophone solo with great tracks as accompaniment and the song was Get Your Kicks On Route 66.  My heart beat increased about five points and I suddenly felt as if I had travelled by some strange time machine back to the late 1940’s and I was young and this band I had discovered was playing the absolutely coolest music ever. Wow! That alto man turned out to be Clyde Wheatley 

There is some miraculous power that some music has on me. My legs stopped aching, my back didn’t hurt, I was no longer exhausted from all those many days of bus touring, I felt fifty or sixty years younger and all was right with the world. Thank you Clyde for that magic moment.

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