Parking Downtown On The Street

…curb parking in front of most of the business.

When I was sixteen I flunked my first driver’s road test. I drove just fine but the final item on the check list was parking and I got all flustered when the fellow was a bit too demanding and I don’t know, I just blew it when I tried to park the car. I practiced and passed with ease on the next attempt.

We have a really busy downtown area with narrow streets and curb parking in front of most of the businesses. When you find a parking spot where you need one it is an occasion for celebration. Or is it?

Three times in the past couple of weeks I have had occasions where I had to back into a parking spot and I just haven’t done that for months or is it years? Anyway I successfully backed into a spot in front of Bandito’s Restaurant about a week ago last Sunday. And then a couple of days ago I parked in front of the shop that repairs my computer. And at noon today I backed into a spot in front of Cup A Joe’s and I made it safely every time without hitting the curb or another vehicle or a dog or little children or anything and I feel darn proud of this.

My neck doesn’t bend like it did twenty five years ago, or fifty years ago or sixty seven years ago when I took that driving test. My eyes don’t work quiite the same either. My back doesn’t turn quite as far either and so if you see a big smile on my face today you will know that I accomplished something really significant downtown today and it brought me great joy.

Next time you zap your car into a tight parking spot just give a thought to what you have to look forward to in the far future.

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