ClockCalendarIn 1999 I wrote a children’s song which Greg Brayton and I recorded. Here are some of the lyrics.

Punctuality, punctuality, That rare quality   Of being where you oughta when you oughta be. Being where you oughta, when you oughta be

I once knew a fellow named Clay. Clay was late for school, he was late for play.   Clay got home so late one day, he discovered that his family had moved away.

He soon learned Punctuality, punctuality, that rare quality of being where you oughta when you oughta be. Bein where you oughta when you oughta be.

We’ve just heard a silly old rhyme about being there and being on time.

Yes it’s important to learn you see, because winners always practice punctuality.  Now all my life I have been a nut for punctuality. When anyone hired me for a speech they could bet on the fact that I would be there and be there on time for a performance. Isn’t it strange how it sometimes takes many decades just to figure some things out? For instance the need in my life for punctuality. Not just for speeches but being on time for most everything. Just this morning I was thinking about that need and I tracked it all the way back to Gesu Elementary School in Detroit. I got recruited by one of my teachers to become an altar boy. I learned to recite the Latin, ring dem bells and all of the other duties involved but most of all I learned the importance of being on time. Gesu Church was located right across the street from the University of Detroit and so at 6 a.m. a parade of Jesuit Fathers  would come across the street and our five altars were busy until 8 a.m. when just one altar continued on.

Why, being on time was like a sacred duty and I guess I got that value implanted in my mind and it never escaped. It has served me well in my business and in my life but it sure can be a pain in the rear end when others are running late.

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