Say Something Good – America is so beautiful

“I’ve been South, I’ve been North. Celebrated on July the 4th. I’ve been East, I’ve been West. Hard to pinpoint just the spot that’s best…for all America is so beautiful; it’s a grand and glorious land that’s free. Yes, all America is so beautiful, a land God made for you and me” That is the lyric from a song I wrote. I talked with a friend in Alaska the other day and last night a fellow called from Arkansas. In the past week I have heard from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Minnesota; Over the years, I’ve made presentations in all fifty of our United States and in all Canadian Provinces and lots of other wonderful places in this world and as I work on my wish list for this decade I am wide open for suggestions on where we should head out to on a new adventure. We surely want to include Michigan and California this year and Jean loves to spend some time with an Ocean view. A cruise ship might be nice, somewhere. I’d even like to take my Almost Andy character on a cruise and have some fun. If I want to do all this and more I had better get over to the Sportsplex and work out right now. On with those New Year resolutions. May God bless America and keep our troops from harm. – Art Fettig

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