Say Something Good – Discount Coupons

Apple Pie

…a big fat slice of apple pie.

Discount coupons. Man, we have been livin’ high on the hog lately dining out with discount coupons. We had a terrific lunch at a Mexican Restaurant and the bill was just $7 for the two of us. Then we went in for a snack at Hardy’s and had two jumbo chili dogs and two double cheeseburgers plus two senior drinks for less than even I could believe.  Without a coupon we dined at a cafeteria for lunch the other day and even with a big fat slice of delicious apple pie that we split we came out with most of our loot in our pocket. (The money we didn’t spend that is, not food.) There are some wonderful buys out there if you just watch for the coupons and shop wisely. Try eating like that abroad.  May God bless our troops and bring them home safely and soon and may God Bless America.

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