Say Something Good – Thank You Said Karimzad

Photograph by Said Karmizad

Photograph by Said Karmizad

I have been blessed with some wonderful photographers in my career. At Omaha Power one day they had a fellow take over a hundred photos of me before he was satisfied. It was published on the cover of their slick corporate magazine. Terry Pochert made dozens of video tapes for me and to me he is a sort of genius.

Well, recently a photographer named Said Karimzad, Executive Producer at Moments in time Media Photography and Video production Phone 252-481-2447 forwarded a photo he’d shot of me speaking for East Carolina Lifelong Learning’s kickoff program at Greenville, NC I think he truly captured the joy I feel when I have a wonderful audience smiling and really connected with the presentation. My thanks to that gentleman.  One photo is really sometimes worth a thousand words. Thank you Said Karimzad.

May God Bless America and fill the whole world with peace.

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