Sharing My Credo

Art in his office.

Art in his office.

Yesterday I was listening to an audio tape of a talk I gave in Las Vegas in 1993. As an aside to the audience as I was about to recite my Self Esteem Credo I mentioned that I had recently talked to Herb True, a Notre Dame professor, and he said a janitor there had informed him that he found this verse of mine stuck on the bathroom mirrors in thirty some rooms of the students.  He asked Herb for a copy. He wanted to send it to a nephew in college. I had given copies to students in Herb’s class when I spoke there a week before. Here is the Credo. You might want to share it with someone you love. I have removed the copyright notice so feel free to share it.

The Self Esteem Credo
by Art Fettig

God made me – I was no accident,
No happenstance. I was in God’s plan
And He doesn’t make junk, ever.
I was born to be a successful human being.
I am somebody special, unique,
Definitely one of a kind
And I love me.
That is essential so that
I might love you too.

I have potentials, yes,
There is greatness in me,
And if I harness that specialness
Then I will write my name
In the sands of time with my deeds.

Yes, I must worker harder, longer,
With greater drive
If I am to excel,
And I will pay that price.
For talents demand daily
Care and honing.
I was born in God’s image and likeness
And I will strive to do God’s will.

One thought on “Sharing My Credo

  1. Art,

    A good credo and good work. Out in the fast lane of Health and Safety we sometimes need all the help and support we can get. Prayer often helps. Hopefully, doing God’s will out here. Best regards

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