Step Forward and Identify Yourself

… I thought I might make a list…

What if, when you died, you had to step forward and identify yourself so that a panel of your peers might determine just where you might be headed next.

What could you say for yourself? Maybe it would go like this for you. “I was a husband, father, grandfather, a Lion, a Baptist, an engineer, a scout master for two years, oh yes, a student, a graduate of a local college, etc. etc. etc.” How many points do you think the panel would give you for each one of those I was’s?

I was just thinking this morning and I thought I might make a list of my own I was’s. You might like to make your own list. I guess you could make a file on it and add on to it as you remember all of the good things you have been involved in during your lifetime.

The list might even encourage you to say yes when invited to get involved in other activities. I will start with, “The author of a weekly newsletter for years and years and years.”

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