The Great Storm

…reports tell me to just stay home…

In North Carolina this just might become known as The Great Storm Of The 21st Century. People throughout the state have been stocking up on simple necessities like beer and wine and for some even a jug of shine just in case of frostbite. Snow is great here in this area. I do not have any sidewalks to shovel, my driveway is gravel and the TV weather reports tell me to just stay home because everything has been canceled. .Those who go out and brave the weather are shown on TV as they swerve into one another. We have a snowfall of about six inches here and back in Michigan the road crews would probably have this all cleaned up by now. Here it will take a little longer. The airports are closed. The important thing though is what I would call a positive attitude. Me? I love the snow. It looks pretty piled up on our decks. Of course, the threat of a possible ice storms is a different matter. Our home in the woods is surrounded by trees and when they get loaded with ice they have a tendency to drop branches and the less hardy might fall across our driveway. Then there is that hill out there. Going down it is easy but going back up might present a bit of a challenge. Oh, and the wires. Sometimes the power lines go down and you hear a loud pop and the power goes off. Going without electricity can be an adventure but after a couple of days the thrill wears off. Oh well, as the song goes, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.Let it snow. I’ve got my love to keep me warm. and after all, this only happens this way once in a century. It must be a part of the global warming.

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