We were sending a manuscript of a new book to the printer...

We were sending a manuscript of a new book to the printer the other day and he suggested we use a certain transmission device we had not used before.  Jean and I did everything correctly we figured and then when the printer sent us a proof of the cover it had different fonts, a different lay out and, well I felt broken hearted. It was a little bit like what happens when we try to communicate with one another on other matters. Turns out I had selected a font that was not a “true type.”  We tried sending this same document as an attachment on AOL and got the same bad result.

Sounds almost like I was lying or something. I’d spent hours finding that darn type and nowhere did it say that it would not be true to me.  I felt betrayed.
Last night we finally solved the problem, found a type we could live with, resent the whole thing and now we are awaiting the verdict.
How many times in your life have you sent out a perfectly innocent message and somehow it got garbled, misunderstood, misquoted and resulted in a real mess?  Well, welcome to the club.

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