Will Work For Food

I stopped the treadmill and borrowed a pen and paper and captured that idea.

I stopped the treadmill and borrowed a pen and paper and captured that idea.

Heck of a title, now what do I do with it?  When I think of all of the long hours I have put in at my typewriter since I set out to be a writer in 1960 I’m sort of astounded. I didn’t set out for fame and fortune. I wrote because these ideas were burning inside me and the only way I could let them out was by tapping on the keys of that old Underwood upright I had bought just for that purpose. Now, here it is fifty years later and the ideas are still gushing out of me only now I capture them on this computer. Yesterday as I walked on the treadmill at the Sportsplex I watched the skaters on the ice in the rink below. As one skater was about to start her routine she stretched out her arms beside her, bowed her head and then stood erect.  A thought popped into my head. What if I did just that in a little routine, that is, stretched the arms, bowed my head and then stood erect and I said, “I feel just like I am about to jump off the high board and I don’t know if there is water in the pool down below.”

At that moment I felt that I had captured a feeling that we all face when we try something new.  I stopped the treadmill and borrowed a pen and paper and captured that idea.  And now, just maybe a thousand people or so will read it and it is just graphic enough that some will remember it. So there is your food for thought.

3 thoughts on “Will Work For Food

  1. Just a comment on your article “Say Something Good”. It really hit home with me because of some personal issues I have been going through this last year. I have felt that same feeling so many times. We forget how truly blessed we are.

  2. A truly great thought and I have felt that way many a time with each new endeavor. I would like to share a thought with you and it replaces a common quote that most people use of “Poop Happens.” I would submit that the quote should be “Life Happens” and add that to bow your head and stand erect, stretch out your arms and experience life. That is what I shall do.

  3. Great article! From now on, I’m going to stretch my arms, bow my head and then stand erect before I face any new challenge. It makes the whole process extra special.

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