Worth bragging about?

A photo of the Declaration on the wall at Consumers in Jackson, Michigan. It was covered all over with employee signatures and those of their top people in both labor and management.

Not too long ago the son of one of my best friends (The best man at my wedding) in Michigan paid a visit to the head office of Consumers Energy which is one of the nation’s largest combination utilities, providing electric and natural gas service to nearly 6.5 million of Michigan’s 10 million residents, in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.

He came back and reported to his dad that in their big lobby on the wall in a glass case he found our Declaration of Interdependence covered completely with signatures of their employees.

Over the years I have gone into major corporations and sometimes worked a day or two and sometimes returned but the positive interaction programs I have introduced (Including my Declaration of Interdependence for Safety program,) have often gone on and on for many years after I paid them a visit.

Our Declaration of Interdependence program is so strong that combined with our 101 hand signal addition it is as basic as human nature itself. It just makes sense to everyone and generally brings dramatic positive results. 

When everyone in an organization makes a personal, signed commitment to their own safety and to each others as Brother’s and Sister’s keepers then suddenly everyone within an organization becomes a daily, active member of your safety team.

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